About Project

Our project is part of the new Erasmus+ programme for the period 2014 – 2020.

color2EU flag-Erasmus+_vect_POS

During two years, eight schools will achieve together, through various activities, goals of a Strategic Partnership in the field of Education, Training and Youth.


The rationale of the project can be summarized below:

Our world is changing all the time…Being a citizen an individual has to confront the rapid development of industry and technology, keep up the demands of a competitive economy, modern education and labor market. This is the world our children are supposed to live in… Our project aims at showing the students ways how to adapt to constant changes in an increasingly interconnected world without losing the most important values as being a human. How to reconcile finding their own place in today’s knowledge-based society with remaining a human. Apart of all the changes being in progress children are still facing one of the big problems in contemporary world – the loneliness. Our idea is to socialize pupils living in Europe and encourage them to do goodwill by making new European friends. They will experience a journey towards the transnational world with a feeling that all kids are the same though the distances between countries.

A project summary reveals three main themes:

First is about doing goodwill activities for old-aged, needy and disabled. Second theme is about doing goodwill activities to make consciousness for homeless animals, eco-world and organic food. Third theme is about to make consciousness about school, books and games to spend their time well not to be addicted to bad habits and prevent the pupils from early school leaving. Thus we aim to make them both being aware of others and reflect the behaviors they had experienced into their own life

Our project will gather dozens of teachers, hundreds of students and families from different corners of Europe so as to create an educational environment and strong multinational bond. Our students will get to know peers from different countries dealing with the same or just different problems. They will learn different points of view, different ways of thinking, different ways of facing challenges and obstacles so as to come to the conclusion we are all like each other. Need only to work together. Just a small thing, but small things can make a big difference. WE can make a difference.


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