Kochanowice is a small village in Lubliniec CountySilesian Voivodeship, in southern Poland. It lies approximately 6 kilometres east of Lubliniec and 53 km north of the regional capital Katowice.

Kochanowice School provides quality educational opportunities for all of its students and aims to be an excellent school. We promote a positive vision for our student’s future and we help them become balanced and successful citizens. At Kochanowice School we value self-discipline, the importance of respect for ourselves and celebrating success in all areas. We offer a Gifted and Talented Education program and various intervention programs to help meet the academic needs of all students.

Our school consists of Primary and Middle School. Pupils begin to learn at the age of 6 and finish the Primary School at the age of 12. Then they start 3 years of learning at the Middle School. Currently Kochanowice Elementary serves students in grades one through six, and Middle School one through three. There are about 36 teachers and 300 students. It contains 3 floors, a dining hall, 19 study rooms, a library, the head’s office and administration, one gym and staff room. In an effort to encourage continuing improvement in technology, interactive learning, and communication, classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technological equipment which includes wireless laptops for teachers, Interactive Boards and LCD Projectors. The computer labs are available for teachers and students to use to promote the skills in the use of computer technology

School building was built in the early 19th century for the von Aulock family. They became the owners of the village of Kochanowice on 5 February 1817 and built their palace in 1928. The palace building became a school in 1932. It is a brick building, two-storey, basement, covered with a mansard roof.

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