Liceul Tehnologic Mîrşa


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Liceul Tehnologic Mirsa is situated in a village which is part of the small town of Avrig, 30 km from city of Sibiu, former European Cultural Capital in 2007. Our region is situated in the centre of Romania, in the historical province of Transylvania.

Mirsa village developed during the Communist period due to people brought from all over the country in order to assure manpower on the neighboring industrial platform. Shutting down the factory in the 90s has left behind an uprooted, unemployed and hopeless population. More than a third of our children found themselves without at least one of the parents gone to work abroad in various European countries, thus lacking the natural family involvement into their development. The scholastic population reached nowadays a number of 446 pupils with ages between 3 and 20 years old.

The aims of our school are:

  • to build up a „team” with pupils, parents, teachers, local community
  • tolerance and mutual respect fight against ethnical rejection
  • flexibility and the capacity of adapting to the new work market request
  • orientation on the long life learning process
  • to integrate and support pupils with SEN
  • the transfer of experience from the European educational system



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