Evliya Çelebi Secondary School is located in Tuzla, famous for its fishing and shipyard district of Istanbul in the northern of Turkey. Istanbul is the one of the most fantastic and the biggest city of Turkey by the Marmara Sea. Tuzla is an old small fishing town with the developing industry areas around and increasing numbers of universities covering the area of 123 square km. Most of the inhabitants in our town are the immigrants from Balkans and immigrants from the other regions of Turkey who moved to get a job.

Our school is founded in 1992 which has 1200 pupils and 65 teachers. The ages of our pupils are between 10 and 14. Most of our pupils come from different kinds of regions of our country that’s why pupils from kinds of ethnic groups and cultures struggle with the social, cultural and economical integration into their new society and neighbourhood. Being the children of migrant workers pupils are highly guided by our teachers to complete their both social lives and education.

Although they have lots of difficulties in their life, our pupils are mostly hardworking, ambitious and successful having been awarded with medals especially in sports during academic year. We also have pupils who need special education because of Down’s syndrome, autism and low mental diseases. Being a part of that kind of project especially about these subjects is very important for our pupils. This project will provide a great chance for them to develop themselves with European friends and broaden their vision. They will have a chance to socialize and meet the children around Europe that are not the same indeed, have the same feelings, problems, games, school subjects. This project will make them more confident and open-minded and know the values of the world and livings of the surrounding world.



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